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Wind Surfing Courses and Equipment  @ Sands at Nomad

Wind Surfing Courses and Equipment at Kenya’s South Coast / Sands at Nomad The slight morning breeze and the protected lagoons of Diani Beach are ideal for beginners of this great sport. In the afternoon the wind increases and the shallow water inside the reef is an ideal playground for the experienced surfer. If you are looking for more action, the riffs with their world-class waves are the ideal bases. The best time of the year for windsurfing on Diani Beach is January, February, July, August and December. Windsurfing is also possible in March, April and September though winds are less consistent.

The courses are designed to fit the RYA Windsurfing Levels 1-5 - from absolute beginner to advanced. The perfect conditions for beginners with the protected, shallow waters inside the reef ensure fast progress! For intermediate to advanced surfers Diani Beach offers very versatile conditions from shallow waters in the lagoon to surfing on the reef.

Sands at Nomad

030 copy 1The hotel is surrounded by a 6-hectare garden with a wide front of swaying palm trees right on one of the most pristine stretches of the beach on Kenya's coast overlooking the beautiful turquoise-blue sea. Combination of a contemporary mix of nature, traditional Swahili architecture, tasteful Italian interior design with antique Arabic furniture and the comfort of a luxury resort make your stay unforgettable.

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