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Kite- & Windsurfing, SUP

East Africa's coastline is a popular kite and windsurfing area. Many of the coastal hotels have appropriate equipment and courses. We would gladly arrange a tailor made offer according to your wishes. Contact us.

Kite Surfing Courses and Equipment @ Sands at Nomad

One of the best kite surfing beaches in the world! Diani Beach on the south coast of Kenya has the perfect kite surfing conditions: consistent side-shore winds, sandy beaches for easy kite take-offs and landings, warm water and the choice of: shallow water in the lagoon or on the reef waves. The best seasons are January to April and June to September.


Wind Surfing Courses and Equipment  @ Sands at Nomad

Wind Surfing Courses and Equipment at Kenya’s South Coast / Sands at Nomad The slight morning breeze and the protected lagoons of Diani Beach are ideal for beginners of this great sport. In the afternoon the wind increases and the shallow water inside the reef is an ideal playground for the experienced surfer. If you are looking for more action, the riffs with their world-class waves are the ideal bases. The best time of the year for windsurfing on Diani Beach is January, February, July, August and December. Windsurfing is also possible in March, April and September though winds are less consistent.


SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surfing) Courses and Equipment @ Sands at Nomad

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a sport that originated from Hawaii and found many enthusiastic followers worldwide. SUP surfing is a combination of paddling, balancing and surfing, it is a great way to get in shape, get a tan and at the same time explore the tropical marine life such as turtles and dolphins in the beautiful crystal clear water lagoon at Diani beach.

The best time for SUP in Kenya is March, September, October and November. 2 - to 3-hour courses are offered for beginners, advanced and expert surfers.



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