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Mara Siria Luxury Tented Camp – Masai Mara

Mara Siria Camp is a luxurious and eco-friendly safari tented camp in the north-west of the Masai Mara. Located on the Siria Escarpment on the western border of this world-famous reserve, Mara Siria Camp offers the perfect starting point for your safari.

The camp fits nicely into the natural environment of the Siria Escarpment and offers a unique opportunity tripadvisorto explore the natural beauty of the Masai Mara. Even after returning from a day out on safari the feeling of wilderness will be maintained. Electricity and hot water in the camp are produced environmentally friendly by a photovoltaic plant which ensures that you can relax and enjoy the natural sounds of the environment. Due to the high elevation (the camp is situated at 1,850 meters above sea level) there is a pleasant climate with warm days and cool nights. The Siria Escarpment is a malaria-free zone. In case you wish to "cool down" you can enjoy our plunge pool, which offers a spectacular view of the Mara River and the Mara plains.


Luxury TentsLuxury Tents (8)
These spacious tents are spread widely along the escarpment and are comfortably distanced from each other. The tents consist of two separate rooms - a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom is furnished with a king-size bed, bedside tables with reading lamps and a small secretary. The bathroom is equipped with hand wash basins, a flush toilet and a safari shower. Adequate space is provided for your wardrobe. Each tent has its own verandah from which you can enjoy a unique and unobstructed view of  the Masai Mara.

mara-siria-deluxeDeluxe Tents (2)
The Deluxe Tents are built on a wooden platform and covered with a grass-thatched roof. From the large wooden veranda you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the plains of the Masai Mara. The bedroom is furnished with a high-quality king size bed with bedside tables and reading lamps. The bathroom is constructed with the traditional Mazera-stones. Equipped with a brass hand wash basin with running water, a flush toilet and a solid shower cabin it creates a more "rustic" but nervertheless very comfortable atmosphere. Electric lighting is provided by solar power.

mara-siria-twinLuxury Twin Tents (2)
The Luxury Twin Tents are slightly smaller than the Luxury tents and they have two single beds. The en-suite bathroom is equipped with a flush toilet, a brass sink with running water and an "open air or star" shower. The view of the Masai Mara from your private teracce is magnificient. Electric light is provided by a solar energy.

mara-siria-bandaMasai Luxury Cottages (2)
The Masai Luxury Cottages are placed near to the Deluxe Tents. The two round manyattas are designed in the traditional Masai architecture and are constructed with traditional materials. From the outside they look like the homes of the famous pastoral people, from the inside they provide all the comfort and required standards (electric light, etc.). The cottages have a spacious bedroom and an attached bathroom with shower, hand wash basin and a flush toilet. The view of the Masai Mara is unobstructed and to witness a sunrise through the windows after wakeup will be unforgettable.


mara-siria-4x4Game drives will be carried out in our own specially designed 4x4 game-viewing vehicles driven by an experienced and multilingual safari guide.

In addition to game drives you can choose a walking safari starting directly from the camp. Guided by a Masai warrior you will explore the flora and fauna and approach giraffes, zebras and impalas very closely. Other activities offered are mountain-bike rides, archery, hot-air balloon flights, day trips to Lake Victoria, scenic flights around the Masai Mara and more.

In the vicinity of the camp is the Kichwa Airstrip from where scheduled flights to Nairobi (Wilson Airport) are landing and taking off. Together with our associated charter-flight company Kenya Safari Wings we offer private charter flights tailored to your needs.

More Information:   http://www.mara-siria-camp.com

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Ballon Safaris in the Masai Mara

Ballon SafariA balloon safari in the Masai Mara is an unforgettable experience. You start early in the morning and have the opportunity to observe wild animals during their most active time of the day. The comfortable distance allows you to enjoy hunting scenes and the varied landscape of the Mara - from swamps to the savannah. After landing, you will enjoy a champagne breakfast in the Masai Mara.



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