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South Kenya

[Amboseli NP - Tsavo East NP - Tsavo West NP - Shimba Hills]

kili amboseliAmboseli

The Amboseli National Park is located in Southwestern Kenya and is bordering the neighboring country of Tanzania. The landscape in the Amboseli is characterized by dry savanna with a palm thicket in the centre of the park. The Savannah with the Kilimanjaro in the background provide a stunning alpine background for safari tours. You can observe lions, cheetahs and hyenas in addition to giraffes, zebras, gazelles and Gnus. The Amboseli National park is particularly known for its huge elephant herds.

tsavoTsavo East/West

In its entirety, the Tsavo National Park is the largest national park in Kenya. The Tsavo East primarily consists of a thin overgrown thorn bush savannah. Tsavo is famous for the "Red Elephants", which protect themselves against the sun and insects with a thick layer of iron-rich red mud. The Tsavo West is the scenically varied part of Tsavo National Park. The change of the different landscapes includes Highlands, rivers, hilly savannah and lava fields and volcanic cones in the North,.

Shimba hillsShimba Hills

The Shimba Hills National Reserve is located 48 km from the coast and consists of open grassland and dense rainforest. The reserve offers extraordinary views of the Indian Ocean and the possibility to observe many different types of mammals such as elephants, giraffes and buffaloes. It is the only park in East Africa where the Roan Antelope is endemic.

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