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The North

[Lake Turkana - Samburu – Lewa]

lake turkanaLake Turkana

The national park around Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya stretches in the neighbouring Ethiopia. The Turkana Lake is the largest lake in Kenya not only regarding its surface but also with its length of 288 km it is one of the world's longest lakes. A black volcanic desert surrounds this lake. Due to the very dry climate, vegetation is very scarce. Due to the very high temperatures more water evaporates from its surface than the three effluents can contribute. Hence, the water level of the lake drops constantly since decades.


The Lewa Conservancy is a wildlife reserve founded in the 1970s. It is known for its efforts to protect the white rhinos. In more recent times it was here where Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged. The over 40,000-hectare terrain offers a home to over 400 species of birds and 70 different mammals. Lewa holds over 12 percent of Kenya’s black rhino population and the largest single population of Grevy’s zebras in the world.


The Samburu National Park is a paradise of green oasis thanks to the Ewaso Nyrio River, which flows through the middle of the park. The river attracts many animals, such as giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, lions and leopards, but especially the large herds of elephants that swim and soak in the inshore waters.


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