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The Central Highlands

[Aberdares - Mount Kenya - Meru - Ol Pejeta]


The Aberdares Mountain Range is known for its dense forests and the wild-conspicuous wealth. The jungle-like vegetation provides perfect cover and camouflage for countless species.

Mount KenyaMount Kenya

The volcanic Mount Kenya is 5199 meters high - the second highest mountain in Africa. Its peak is entirely covered with ice and snows all year round. Mount Kenya offers a diverse spectrum especially for climbers and hikers, because the landscape around the mountain is tropical and dry. Elephants, buffalos, rhinos and many species of birds can be explored on a safari tour through the national park.


The Meru National Park fascinates by its stunning and unspoiled landscapes and the Tana River, Kenya’s largest river flows through this territory. The landscape consists mainly of high grass, doum palms and lush forests, surrounded by a hilly landscape and mountainous islands. A special characteristic that can be observed in this park is its biodiversity and various animals like lions, leopards and several species of antelope, giraffes, Grevy's zebras, crocodiles, hippos and water birds that find their habitat on the Tana River. Due to its remoteness Meru National Park is a tip for all safari enthusiasts.

Ol PejetaOl Pejeta

The private Ol Pejeta Reserve is located in the Laikipia Region, directly on the equator between Mount Kenya and the Aberdares. Situated within the Ol Pejeta Reserve are a chimpanzee sanctuary and an outdoor enclosure with about 45 hectares, which is separated into two parts by the Uaso Nyiro River. Amongst animals that can be seen are elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs, Grevy's zebra, Jackson's wildebeest and giraffes.

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