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[North Coast - South Coast - Mombasa – Lamu]

The coast of Kenya is a sun-spoiled tropical paradise with soft white sand and a pleasant sea breeze. Kenya has a 480 km long and palm-lined coast line. Because the entire coast is a coral reef, you can enjoy a relaxing seaside vacation here.


Mombasa divides the coast of Kenya into a Northern and Southern section. Mombasa is a “melting pot” of African, Arabian, Indian and European cultures and traditions.

MombasaSouth Coast

The Southern coastline of Mombasa is a tropical paradise with palm-lined white sandy beaches, where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean meet beautiful the coral reefs. The beaches are bordered by lush green coastal rain forest, where a variety of birds and wild animals live. Wide choices of world-class resorts are grouped at Diani Beach. Tiwi Beach is somewhat secluded on the gorgeous turquoise Indian Ocean. Wasini Island situated close to the border with Tanzania invites visitors to enjoy boat trips and diving with the dolphins. The nearby Shimba Hills National Park offers the opportunity to undertake a game drive while on beach holidays.

North CoastNorth Coast

Kenya's North Coast is lined with pristine palm-fringed beaches and the calm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. North of Mombasa you can find popular beaches such as Nyali Beach and Bamburi Beach. The peaceful beaches of Mtwapa and Takaungu offer a perfect retreat from the outside world. In the Watamu Marine National Park you will find the most beautiful coral reefs in Kenya. Malindi -the oldest touristic area in Kenya- is close by.


The Lamu archipelago off Kenyas coast in the Indian Ocean consits of Lamu Island, Manda Island and Pate Island. Lamu Town (Old Town is arwarded an UNESCO World Heritage status), Shela, Kipungani and Matondoni are known as the towns of Lamu.

Lamu Old Town is a very magical place, which looks back on a history of over 700 years. The town thrives on a unique culture from the influences of its past, Portuguese explorer, Turkish traders and Arab Traders from Oman. The only means transport in Lamu Town are donkeys on the road and dhows on the water. There are no motorcars on the island. Narrow streets and magnificent stone houses with impressive carved doors from mangrove wood determine the image of the old town.

Shela is a small village south of Lamu, about 5 km away. You can reach Old Town by foot, by donkey or by boat. Shela is known for its long and untouched beaches.

Manda Island- calmness, exclusivity and pure nature are the key words for a stay on Manda Island. There are only a few exclusive hotels and private villas here. Manda Island can only be reached by boat.

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