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4 Days/3 Nights Mount Meru – Eastern Ascend

Mount Meru, 4,566 m (14,980 ft) heigh, is located 70 km west of Mount Kilimanjaro, within Arusha National Park. This prime location gives you the opportunity to spot some of the 400 species of birds and wildlife (zebras, elephants, buffalos, giraffes, etc.) that inhabit the area. Mount Meru can be climbed all year round. The ascent is quite steep and the route to the summit passes over streams and through parkland, montane forest, heather and moorland.

Day 1 – Maria Kamba Hut

After breakfast you start from Arusha at 8.00am and drive to Momella Gate where you meet your guide and crew. Your climb starts at around 10.00am and leads through the natural forest up to the moorland where you will have an overnight stay at Maria Kamba Hut. On your way you will encounter giraffes, zebras and buffaloes. The walk takes 3-4 hours with a cold lunch on the way.

Day 2 – Saddle Hut

Today's hike takes you through moorland to Saddle Hut at 3566m. You can use the afternoon for a 2 hour ascend of little Mt. Meru (3820m) where you have a rewarding view of the Momella lakes towards Socialist Peak.

Day 3 – Mt. Meru Summit

After a short night which ends at 2.00am, the final ascend of Mt. Meru summit (4556m) begins. From the summit, at about 6.00am, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro peaks and the vast plains hosting the Arusha National Park. You then descend to Saddle Hut for late lunch before proceeding to Maria Kamba Hut for overnight stay.

Day 4 – Departure

After breakfast you return to Momella Gate. The short walk ends at the former Hardy Krueger Farm, now Momella Lodge, where you will have lunch before you drive to Arusha for dinner and overnight at the Impala Hotel.

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