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7 Days/6 Nights Uganda Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Gorilla Tracking and & Lake Mburo

Enjoy the diversity of Uganda - Gorilla tracking, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo for 7 days.

Day 1 - arrival, Kibale Forest

You start with a scenic drive through villages, forests and swamps to Kibale Forest. Kibale Forest is especially famed for its 13 different species of primates besides a high density of other species. A large number of chimpanzees lives in the woods and have found their most important refuge here in Uganda. After lunch your guide will accompany you in the Kibale Forest for chimpanzee tracking.

Day 2 - Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast you will drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park (approx 3 hours). After lunch you will take a game drive through the spectacular scenery of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Savannah alternate with open scrubland, rivers, lakes and craters, as well as wetlands. The diversity of species in the park is equally remarkable.

Day 3 – Kazinga Channel

Early morning proceed on a game drive and explore the diversity of the second largest national park in Uganda. After lunch take a boat trip along the famous Kazinga Channel. Here you can see a variety of birds, hippos and buffalos, sometimes other animals such as elephants and zebras come to the channel to quench their thirst.

Day 4 – Queen Elizabeth National Park/Bwindi Forrest

After breakfast you will drive to Kyambura Gorge and have another opportunity to observe chimpanzees in their natural habitat. After lunch drive through the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi Forest National Park. The rain forest of Bwindi National Park is very old - it has evolved since the last ice age to what it is today. This rain forest is almost impenetrable, hence its name. With a population of about 300 mountain gorillas, the park is home to about half the world's existing gorillas. Besides the gorillas, there are nine other primate species such as chimpanzees, baboons and Vervet monkeys. The park is home to other species such as forest elephants and various wildcat species.

Day 5 – Gorilla Tracking

After an early breakfast and a short briefing by your ranger you enter the gorilla sanctuary for your adventure. The thrill observing these gentle and endangered giants is a wonderful and exciting experience, which you will never forget.

Day 6 – Lake Mburo National Park

Enjoy the last moments in the land of the mountain gorillas before being transfered to Lake Mburo National Park. The park is located in an extensive acacia woodland. Besides the large number of Impala antelopes other highlights of Lake Mburo are the fourteen other smaller lakes and extensive swamps that make a pretty varied landscape. After lunch you will go on your first cruise. The lake is a safe home for about 300 species of birds, including 60 special water birds like pelicans, darters and cormorant. On an early evening game drive you can see zebra and impala, which you can hardly see in other national parks in Uganda. In addition many other species like waterbuck, buffalo, leopard, crocodile and hippo live in this park.

Day 7 - Return to Kampala

After breakfast you head back to Kampala.

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