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Kenya Association of Tour Operators

Phoenix Safaris - Kato MemberPhoenix Safaris is a member of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO). KATO represents the 250 leading travel agencies in Kenya and checks compliance with professional ethics of tour operators in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. KATO's main goal is to maintain the good reputation of Kenya as a touristic destination by ensuring the highest possible quality standards in Kenya. http:// www.katokenya.org

International Airport Transport Association

Phoenix  Safaris - IATA lizensiertPhoenix Safaris is a fully licensed agent of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Today, approximately 230 airliners worldwide are part of IATA, which carries approximately 94% of all international flights. Members are large and national airline companies that carry out international and intercontinental flights. IATA organizes worldwide - with the exception of the United States - the billing of tickets issued by IATA-licenced travel agency. Each year, more than 400 million tickets are issued through this system. In addition, IATA influences the pricing and standards of international aviation.  http://www.iata.org

Kenya Association of Travel Agents

kata logo new finalPhoenix Safaris is a member of the Kenya Association of Travel of Agents (KATA). KATAs are members of IATA registered travel agents and IATA/UFTAA authorised training Institute in Kenya. The organization is member of the Universal Federation of Travel Agents (UFTAA). UFTAA represents 84 countries at their headquarters in Brussels. UFTAA has a consultative status with the United Nations and works closely with the World Tourist Organization.   http://www.katakenya.org

 Flying Doctors

Phoenix Safaris - Flying Doctors MitgliedThrough our KATO membership, our customers have the possibility get a Flying Doctors membership discounted up to 50% for the duration of their vacation. As a member of the Flying Doctors, you are entitled to a free evacuation in case of medical emergency. The FDS-emergency service is under the direction of a german doctor Dr. Bettina Vadera.   http://www.amref.org/flying-doctors

 Important note: Membership with the Flying Doctors does not replace or include a foreign health insurance! The patient’s transportation or evacuation to Europe is not covered by the membership!


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